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"Shaded" Cartridge Belt
M1923 Cartridge Belt

: $99.99


Product Description

We now have another, slightly greener shade of OD#3 webbing. Although our regular belts have subtle shade differences between the rear belt and pocketing, these have more distinct color changes on the flaps and pockets.
So, to make these really look original, we have made some with mix-match shaded flaps. It varies as to how many on what side so don't get too squirrely- very few are the same as the next. If you know your originals, then you know nearly all of them are shaded to some degree.

Size: Our belts will adjust large enough to fit a 43" waist. If you are larger, check the cartridge belt page for our extender belts.

Note: Not all belts are this exact "combination" of shaded.

Made in USA

Our cartridge (and BAR) belts are assembled by our own staff in our shop in Columbia, KY using the best materials available. Each of our workers now has over 15 years experience making US fieldgear. The webbing is made on period shuttle looms and yarn dyed to match original WWII cloth. After cutting it to length, we apply the markings with stencils using water based ink, and heat cure it. Then the components are sewn with Coates brand Tex 110 cotton-wrapped thread- all pieces being spot checked repeatedly for correct size. (A .25 inch mistake can ruin a cartridge belt). Once sewn, the hardware is set. To punch the holes and press in the parts requires over 120 individual steps- again being inspected throughout the process. Our Lift-the-dots and snaps are genuine Scovil parts and our eyelets are custom made for us by Scovil Eyelet Co. in New York. The buckles are specially cast by the Anchor Co. (All three were contractors during WWII.) One of the reasons the cheap belts fail is their lack of the special wide-flange grommets used to attach the fieldgear.
Lastly, the finished belts are inspected one more time and each pocket is tested with a loaded 8-block clip to be sure of proper fit.
Our belts cost more because our materials and workmanship are the best available rather than the cheapest possible.