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M40 Polyspot Smock
M40 Polyspot Smock

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M40 Polyspot Smock Size*:

Product Description

Polyspot M40 Fall colors Spring Colors ...more Fall
Teflon water repellent 4mm rayon neck cord Sized like the real things Correct size sleeves

Model 1940 Tarnjacke in Polyspot pattern camouflage. This camo pattern is seldom found in period photos or on surviving originals, but existing evidence points to them being a mid-War design. I have personally owned or seen it used on helmet covers, caps, M42 smocks and parts of Zeltbahns- the chance that it was used on M40 smocks is very highs- therefore we made a few. This pattern is sometimes mis-identified as "lateral" which is incorrect. The "Lateral" plan tree is an entirely different design.

ATF Smocks: Our fabric is not some random poplin we found at the textile auction- it was custom woven from a swatch of real period cloth with the fine yarn, and super tight tight weave (90 x 64) that helps it shed water. (No gap is visible between the fibers if you hold it up to a light- just like the real material.) For good measure, all fabric was treated with Teflon water repellent finish after printing.

The smock pattern itself was taken quite literally, straight from the real one. WWII smocks typically measure 60" around the body, 74-76" cuff to cuff and 32-34" down the back. I made ours with an extra inch or two in sleeve and body length since they will shrink slightly when washed (or get wet and dry). Every seam, panel, placket, and measure is as the smocks made in WWII. Our thread is the correct dark, dark gray seen on most originals- it has a cotton exterior with a center core of polyester- 100% cotton breaks too much to be practical.

The front is closed with 5 pairs of sewn eyelets- originals are hand or machine sewn. The drawcords are the correct flat-woven rayon material. (Smocks were not issued with leather laces.)

Our smocks are assembled like the genuine articles. They were normally sewn with medium and dark gray thread, 5mm eyelets (machine or hand sewn), and neatness was an afterthought. I instructed the inspector to be rather casual in trimming excess thread, to pass mis-printed fabric, and to allow a somewhat sloppier than normal finish overall. This is characteristic of WWII smocks- not an error.

Shading: There is little if any shading on these as the concept completely freaked the factory out.

Size: We have two- Size L is the same as original smocks, and a larger Size XL for the modern, curvier 21st Century physiques.


Washing: Although washer/ dryer safe, we recommend cold wash and hang dry for longest life and fewest highlights.