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Standard JQMD Jump Jacket
Standard JQMD Jump Jacket

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Standard JQMD Jump Jacket Size*:

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Product Description
Reproduction of the Jackets worn by paratroopers in the Army Airborne Divisions from 1942-45 during WWII. Designed in 1941, specifically for the then new airborne troops, they are made from 8 oz. cotton twill in the olive drab no.3 color (often referred to as "khaki" by enthusiasts) and feature four expanding pockets, snap closures, hidden zipper, belt and pocket for the M2 knife.

As for how these differ from our regular M42 jackets- most of these use plain zippers (as opposed to Talons), the pocket shape is slightly different (more squared), they have no spec labels, and the fit is not as historically accurate.

This batch (2021) was supposed to have the foreign made snaps- but the contractor got confused and used the American made ones we had provided for our higher quality uniforms by mistake. Later generations will have the less expensive snaps.

Shades: Just as with the originals in WWII, jackets and trousers are made from the same cloth, but it was dyed in multiple batches. So, jackets and trousers may have subtle differences in shade- one may be a bit darker or lighter than the other.

Washing: Hand wash cold, hang dry. The snaps do not get on well with washing machines and dryers.

Sizing: Order your normal chest size. We only have sizes 40R-46R and 50R. (Until they sell out). There are no size 48R's. There are no other sizes and we cannot do "custom" orders of any kind.