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Transitional M1941 Canteen Cover
Transitional M1941 Canteen Cover
Canteen NOT included

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Product Description
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Originally designed for use by cavalry troops, this cover has become closely associated with Airborne troops in recent years. However, it was actually designed for Cavalry- it's official name in the US Army quartermaster catalog is "Cover, Canteen, M1941, Mounted". The covers is essentially the same as the M1910, except that the wire hook used to attach it to pistol and cartridge belts is re-inforced with 5/8" webbing at the top and bottom. There is also a slot in the webbing that holds the hook allowing the cover to be worn on a regular trouser belt or attached to equipment without requiring the mounting eyelets.

These covers are manufactured by ATF in our factory in Columbia, Ky. The canvas is 100% cotton, no. 8 duck. The markings are stenciled on with water based ink and heat cured. The cover is lined with gray wool fabric from the Woolrich Mill in Pennsylvania. Our fasteners are genuine Lift-the-dots from the Scovil Company in Georgia. After assembly, each cover is test-fitted with a WWII canteen and cup and inspected.

Technicalities: There was a batch of canteen covers made in 1942 from OD4 fabric. Exactly how many were made is unknown, but they aren't terribly rare today. Although OD4 is lighter than the later OD7, it was waterproofed which darkened it. The result is actually 1-2 shades lighter than our fabric so it's pretty close.

Although many items of gear were produced in OD7 during 1943, QMC documents indicate that true OD7 covers probably weren't made until 1944. These are dated 1942 as we haven't yet made 1944 dated stencils.

NOTE: The "Airborne" connection seems to have been assigned by collectors and reenactors who instantly baptize anything with extra stitching to be "paratrooper". As far as we can tell, these were issued indiscriminately to all troops.

Made in USA