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Combat Service Boots
Combat Service Boots

: $299.99

Combat Service Boot Size*:

Product Description
WWII Combat Service
Made in USA Cuffs are correct size,
height and circumference

"Wingfoot" Soles and
heels by Goodyear
Exact reproduction
heavy duty buckles
Cuffs lined with OD
canvas (not white felt)
All dimensions of the
WWII boots duplicated
The boots are
11.5" tall like originals
Goodyear welt construction Correct toe shape, no
internal box
Original lace. 40" are
exactly what was issued
with these boots.
Reproduction boxes,
and labels
with correct contract
and stock numbers

American made reproductions of the WWII Combat Service Boots, often referred to as "double buckle boots". Almost as soon as the War began, the shortcomings of the service shoes and leggings became readily apparent. The QMC immediately instituted a program to develop a universal boot to replace leggings as well as jump boots. First tested in Italy in 1943, the Combat Service Boot was approved for mass production late that year and mass production began in January 1944. These were manufactured concurrently with the Type III Service Shoes ("roughouts"). By the Fall of 1944, these had begun to replace the older model boots, although they never totally supplanted them before the end of WWII. Airborne troops in particular resisted replacing their distinctive jump boots, and paratroopers wore a mix of both styles from September until the end of the War.

The boots were manufactured flesh side out, and were issued with dubbing which was used to treat and make them water repellent. Goodyear welt construction was used and there was no internal toe box. Boots made until the early summer of 1944 had a rivet reinforcing the vamp, but this was found to actually be detrimental and was dropped starting with the July contracts. The cuffs were lined with white or olive drab canvas, and most soles were the "composition", with a few boots being made with leather soles and hobnails.

ATF's Combat Service Boots: Like our other USA made footwear, these are unique to us, and took over 3 years of development. Although HH Brown has made this style previously, their patterns has several mistakes. The cuffs were too high, and were too large in circumference. We had them completely redesigned, bought new cutting dies, and provided the olive drab canvas for the lining. The available buckles were terrible, so we had those reproduced on our own and delivered to the factory. The soles are made by Goodyear Tire & Rubber, using their distinctive "Wingfoot" design from WWII. (They actually had to renew the trademark on this for us.) We own the molds have exclusive rights to the design. Lastly, we provided the original nylon laces from 1943. There is no better reproduction Combat Service Boot. They are expensive, but the quality is more than commensurate.

Treat these boots!
The US Army designed these boots with flesh-out uppers in order to improve their water repellency. This required "dubbing", which was a beeswax based leather treatment. It was issued with the boots and soldiers were required to apply it to their boots as part of their basic equipment maintenance. If you leave them untreated, they will have very little water repellency, and the light color will easily show stains. The modern equivalents are Huberd's Shoe Grease or Sno-Seal. We have them on our accessories page, or you can find them on Amazon. Sno-seal used to be available in shoes & outdoor stores, but last year I tried in vain to find it at Walmart, Cabela's and Bass Pro and no one had it anymore. That's what led to us getting our own distributorships.

Sizing: We have D width, sizes 8-13, in whole and halfs. Fit is accurate- the manufacturer is a US military contractor and their lasts are correctly sized. At this time, we have no plans for wides (EE's) due to the immense cost of making new soles and heel molds. 11.5" tall.

Laces: WWII boots were made and issued with 40" laces. Many people complain that this can't be right. It is. The US Army did not make boots with laces like drawcords on a laundry bags in WWII. Each time you put them on, one needs to take up the slack in each eyelet and then there is enough to tie, but not so much as to leave "rappelling ropes" flopping about on the boots. Size doesn't matter- 8's and 13's have the same length eyelet run. If this still is unacceptable, we have longer laces available. They are thicker and don't look as good, but there is more to get a hold of. 48" Service Shoe Laces.

Made in USA