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N1 Field Shoes (Boondockers)
N1 Field Shoes (Boondockers)

: $299.99

N1 Field Shoe Size*:

Product Description

We are currently unable to re-order boots due to the factory having stopped all production of private label footwear in an attempt to fill orders for their own brands. There will be no new US boots until sometime in late 2023 at the soonest.

Commonly called "Boondockers", this was the standard issue combat footwear for United States Marines and sailors in WWII.

These reproductions are exclusive to ATF. Made in the USA, these boots were copied directly from original samples. They feature flesh out leather uppers, 7 pairs of eyelets, Goodyear welt construction, and a "conservation" sole. We specially contracted the soles (and paid a fortune for the molds) to have the correct WWII pattern. The rubber is mixed with chunks of cord just like the WWII versions. These boots are twice the price of the imported reproductions, but the quality difference is commensurate.

Note for Highly Discriminating Types! These are mass produced and the parts come from dozens of different hides- just like they did in WWII. This means that it is very likely that one boot or pieces of a boot may be a slightly different shade or have a bit more or less "fuzz" than the other boot or other parts. If this is intolerable, there is no "fix". Once dubbed/oiled and/ or worn and exposed to the sun any variations will largely be mitigated. This is not a flaw- this is simply a physical trait and fact when dealing with veg tanned, aniline leather.

Made in USA

Sizing: These are made by a US military boot contractor so the sizes run true.

: All boots in this first run are D (regular) width. We currently have no plans for other widths due to the immense cost of new sole & heel molds.

Dubbing: US troops in WWII were issued "dubbing" ( a beeswax compound) to help soften and water proof all field shoes and boots. Once the Marine or soldier was sure his shoes fit properly, the next step was to apply dubbing and break them in. The dubbing was to be applied every week or two to maintain some semblance of water repellency. The grease will darken them slightly, as will time, exposure, dirt, etc..
These boots were not worn "raw".

There are several equivalent modern day products, including Huberd's Shoe Grease and Snoseal. (We sell Huberd's.)