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Original Lafette 34/42 Straps
Original Lafette 34/42 Straps

: $599.99

Product Description
Original WWII German MG34/ 42 Lafette mount straps. Matched set, which is very difficult to find. Although the markings are too faint to make out, their hardware, cut, color, wear and stitch patterns make these an obvious "pair". On one strap, the left side of the Waffenamt and 2 letters of the maker code are just barely visible. Looks like "ed" or "eg". On the other, I think (it made my eyes hurt) the left wing of the WA can just be made out. The leather is in pretty good shape, but under no circumstances should you use them to pick up or carry the Lafette! They are too old.

Original items are 70+ years old and we do NOT warranty them for use in any way. We will only accept them for return/ exchange in the condition we shipped them in!