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Reinforced M42 Jump Jacket, Seconds
Reinforced M42 Jump Jacket, Seconds

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M42 Jacket Seconds Size*:

Product Description
These jackets were in cases marked with a "B" by the manufacturer to indicate that have some minor issues. We had put them in the out building last Fall when we were trying to organize the mess, and the pallet they were on got buried behind one with rolls of fabric. A few days ago, it was "rediscovered".

We were told that there are three possible reasons they were marked as seconds: stains, small holes, and/ or a sizing error of up to 2cm...about 3/4".

I went through several uniforms- in most cases I had a hell of a time figuring out what the issue was. Those with stains were a black streak somewhere as though it rubbed up against something greasy (a sewing machine motor?). The only holes I found were mis-punches for the snap post- meaning so they were under the flap, epaulet or cuff. As for the "up to 2cms" wrong measure, I couldn't find any, but that's not enough to effect much on these.

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