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Defect SS M40 Tunic
Defect SS M40 Tunic

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SS M40 Tunic Size*:

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Product Description
Insignia sold separately
Medium short shown
The problem- unevenly
spaced buttonholes
These are our new SS pattern M40 tunics. The problem is that some dipchit marked the buttonholes incorrectly on the "shorts" and "longs". The one in the second photograph is typical. The buttonhole spacing on many original tunics is imperfect (I checked), but this is a bit too far, and there is no fix.

Also, many of them have poorly sewn collar hooks- but this can be fixed with a needle and thread.

These are not stamped with size or maker marks.

All sales final, no returns..

Size notes:
Short = Under 5'9"
Long = Over 6ft