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MP40 Pouches
MP40 Pouches

: $69.99

Product Description

New reproduction MP40 pouches. Made from olive canvas with black leather, this is the most popular color combination out of the many made during WWII. For these we used the patterns I made from my original pouches we use on our Texled products, and sent them overseas to create a very accurate, yet affordable product. These are properly cut, with the leather correctly assembled with hand sewn cord.

On the new run (July 2020), the manufacturer decided to copy the markings on the original pouches- so these are marked "clg 1943" like our Texled models. The quality is very close- there is really no longer any point in us doing the Texleds at this point. These, less expensive pouches can be differentiated from the Texleds by the shape of the D-rings and their WA stamps and markings are not as close to the originals as the Texleds.

The vast majority of reproduction MP40 pouches sold by other vendors come from one of half a dozen factories in Asia. Most have ill-shaped flaps, are made from curiously colored canvas, and nearly all feature nylon thread, sometimes black and/ or machine sewn. (The leather parts should be hand stitched. Yes, one can tell.)

We have now posted comparison photos of our pouches next to originals to show that they are correct.