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Texled MP44 Pouches Type IID
Texled MP44 Pouches Type IID

: $349.99

Product Description
"Texled" pouches are the highest quality STG pouches available- copied directly from original pouches, made with custom made Belgian linen, shuttle loomed webbing from PA, and American leather.

The Type II MP44 pouches are the most widely recognized variant, characterized by tan fabric with the woven red lines. Production appears to have begun sometime in 1944 and continued until the end of the War. Numerous manufacturing variations of straps, closures and reinforcements exist. Our Type "IID's" feature gray web closures with woven buttonholes and tips. Made using 100% Belgian linen canvas, with woven red stripes, copied from an original sample.

This batch of IID's are copied from a mint pair of originals- the maker is unknown as this variation is typically devoid of stamps. They typically have flap sides made from some sort of rubberized canvas while the flap linings are a mix of what appears to be rubber. I found some oiled leather that is very close in look and feel to these materials- yes, if one wasn't told it was leather, many would think it was rubber.

One small detail I was able to replicate were the formed loops for the closures. We made a wooden press, wetted the leather strips, clamped them in the press, and when they dried, they have the "humped" look with creases.

The flap sides on these are made from coated canvas (just like the originals), a material which we acquired from Poland. Snaps are genuine WWII Prym.

Crud/ Stains: This fabric is nearly as much of a filth magnet as white. The linen is also prone to having tufts in the yarn, and this cloth had several snags and nicks in it. Also, the stud discs, flap sides, belt loops and D-ring retainer are all hand sewn. It's apparent that sometimes the guys in the shop weren't wearing white gloves when they assembled these- so if some smudges or snags will equal outrage, don't order these. Likewise, did I say these are dirt magnets? If one wears them in the field or even to the range, dirt, sweat, powder residue and so forth will all leave marks rapidly and easily.

Name: The "Type IID" is totally my own invention in order to help identify the different variations. It has ZERO historical significance and was not used by the Wehrmacht.
Rear details. The original pouches we used as a template for these
Mixed flap linings.
Made with Belgian and American materials, partially assembled overseas.

Issue: No style of MP44 pouch is specific to any particular service or unit. By 1944, such luxuries were long gone. Many troops only received one pouch or mis-matched pairs. Original reports indicate that there was always an acute shortage of pouches (and magazines) so troops were lucky to get any at all.

Sold only in Pairs.