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MP44 Pouches Type IID
MP44 Pouches Type IID

: $249.99

Product Description
The Type II MP44 pouches are the most widely recognized variant. Production appears to have begun sometime in 1944 and continued until the end of the War. These are characterized by tan fabric with the woven red lines. Numerous manufacturing variations of straps, closures and reinforcements exist. Our Type "IID's" feature gray web closures with woven buttonholes and square tips. Made using 100% Belgian linen canvas, with woven red stripes, copied from an original sample.
The flaps on the small tool pouches are black leather.
The flap sides are "Presstoff"- a mix of pigskin, split leather and compressed paper we make here. It's a major pain to make- it will eventually start to separate and look crappy just like the real material. The double-wire snaps (like Pryms) are "sterile" meaning they are unmarked. All pouches have been checked and test-fitted with 6 real MP44 magazines.

Issue:No style of MP44 pouch is specific to any particular service or unit. By 1944, such luxuries were long gone. Many troops only received one pouch or mis-matched pairs. Original reports indicate that there was always an acute shortage of pouches (and magazines) so troops were lucky to get any at all.

Sold only in Pairs.


1. Price:These were astronomically expensive to get made. Everyone wants the tan linen canvas with woven red stripes and the correct webbing, etc, etc.. All of this had to be custom made in the US and Europe. One can't just order a few dozen yards of these things- we paid enough for the raw materials to buy a new car. A nice one. These cost half the price of one original magazine. If you can afford an MP44, these pouches are a drop in the bucket.
If you think these are a rip-off, no problem. There are plenty of $40-50 pouches available elsewhere online. They look like turds, the mags often won't fit in them, but they sure are cheap.

2. Markings:All pouches are marked "adf 44" on the belt loop. We will not mark them with original maker codes, nor are any "sterile".

3. Stripes:All pouches have stripes positioned as pictured. All were cut from one stack of fabric and there is no appreciable variation. If you want stripes in a different location, then you will have to make your own or get out the magic marker..

4.Fit/ Break-in:Several of our Type IIA's were returned as "impossible to use, mags will never fit"...in every case, I got magazines in them no problem on the first try. The flaps on original pouches are meant to close firmly- ours do too. Tight is right. If they are too easy to close, then they are also liable to open just as easily which can result in lost magazines. I have unissued originals and they are even tighter. We have test-fitted every cell of every pouch with real MP44 magazines. Once you take mags in and out of them a few times, they become easier to close- sort of like breaking in a new pair of jeans.

5. Aging etc, etc: Due to the knucklehead factor, I will not offer advice on how to make these look "old". (Don't put them in a microwave Dave, there are metal parts on them and you remember what happened with the helmet...) However, it is safe to say that tan linen is quite the magnet for dirt and stains- even after a short period in the field these will pick up plenty of evidence of use. Conversely, if you are a germ-free perfectionist type, you shouldn't even put real mags in them as they immediately pick up any dirt, oil or rust they come in contact with. Clear? Never put these (or any other fieldgear) in a washer, dryer, or microwave!

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