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SS Officer Belt
SS Officer Belt

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WSS Officer Belt Size*:

Product Description
Reproduction of the service belt worn by officers of the Waffen-SS. Officers had the option to use either this style or belt and buckle, the 2 claw open type or the standard EM style when serving in the field.

Our belts were copied from an original- which came in several variations due them normally being a "private purchase" item custom made by tailors and saddlery firms. We chose the grain side (rough) out type as it seems the most commonly encountered type encountered on surviving originals. The buckles are good quality, with all correct markings.

Why the discount? I'm not satisfied with the leather. It's perfectly serviceable, but the contractor did not use the top grade leather which means all of these have some areas of wrinkled finish. That's acceptable on enlisted gear, but officer belts were typically made from the "croupon" which is the center of the hide where the leather is smoothest most consistent.

When will we get prettier ones? Apparently the only way we can get them done like I wish is to use our leather, cut the belts here and ship them over for hand sewing- which doubles the price and will take forever. We're months and months behind on cutting parts for all manner of slings and gear so we can offer no estimate whatsoever on when (if) we'll do another run.

Again, these are perfectly serviceable, but cosmetically they aren't as good as we wanted. There are half a dozen of each size and these will be it until I'd say next year at the soonest.

Yes. This listing includes both the belt and buckle as shown.


Will reproduction Heer Officer buckles fit these belts? Maybe. There are several different reproductions around at the moment, and even the same manufacturers seem to make changes from batch to batch which means some work and others are off just enough that their hasps won't fit some square eyelets. We are only selling these a sets (belt + buckle.)