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Texled WSS M43 Cap
Texled WSS M43 Cap

: $74.99

WSS M43 Cap Size*:

Product Description

American made reproduction of the M43 EinheitsfeldmĂĽtze issued to troops of the WS in the latter stages of World War II.
We use 80/20 fieldgray wool from Woolrich in PA (the mill is now closed), gray cotton poplin lining, correct thread color and size. All caps are fitted with better quality reproduction "Bevo" insignia. Our caps include all the details of those from WWII including the loops under the ear flaps that so mystify collectors- which are simply used to secure ear muffs.

Unlike most other copies, our M43 caps fit properly and have the correct peak and profile- because we dis-assembled an original cap to make sure our pattern was right. Our visor stiffeners are split leather- like originals- whereas most other caps available use cardboard or plastic which can crack with use.


Lining: The Germans made their caps with a myriad of lining fabrics and colors. Most common are cotton twill and rayon (aka satin). We use the cotton type material as it's easier to sew neatly and more comfortable than the rayon which tends to stick to one's forehead and gets rather nasty with sweat.

Variations: The WSS M43 caps came in several variations- primarily 2 and single button, and many were made from captured Italian fabrics. It was also common for the insignia to be sewn on "stacked" with the eagle on the front above the skull, rather than placed on the left. However, the eagle on the side is preferred by both reenactors and collectors by a wide margin. Why? No idea.

Insignia: We use the best available reproduction Bevo skulls and eagles. There used to be even better quality pieces available but we have been unable to contact the supplier for several years and have heard that he passed away. Originals? A cap and eagle set starts at about $1,000.

Markings: Yes, many enthusiasts desire their gear to be stamped with lots of skulls, runes and cool German words. Most WS caps are stamped with just the metric size, and occasionally a maker name or manufacturer number code. We're copying originals, so that's why we don't mark these like the stuff in an Indiana Jones film.