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Texled 430 SS Smock
Texled 430 SS Smock

: $249.99

Product Description

SS M42 Planetree 1-2 reversible smock, assembled in USA. The name "430" comes from our address- I owned an original with these general color distributions back in the early 2000's- darker shade body, lighter sleeves and oakleaf/ overprint small parts. As with the "370's" these are a one time thing- it is highly unlikely we will ever make these again. In the near future we will have cheaper smocks made from the same material, but those will lack the shading of the parts.

This smock is exactly typical of 1943-45 SS camouflage uniform production. We copied all the quirks and, what in every garment factory save for those run by the WVHA, would be considered flaws. Perhaps the most tell tale trait of actual WWII SS camo uniforms is the random use of other shades or patterns on individual garments, something which has intrigued me for 30 years. So, when we finally were able to reproduce smocks, I made sure to incorporate it.

Our smock pattern was made by us, using only originals from my collection. The body is nearly 60" in circumference, (there were no "sizes"- just BIG), sleeves are very long and 20" around, the neckline is correct and the pockets are sized properly.

The fabric is extra fine yarn, custom woven for ATF. After printing, it's colorfasted and treated with Teflon water repellent (the Peristol used in WWII is no longer available). As on most WWII smocks, we use a very dark gray colored thread for the lock-stitching and lighter grays for the eyelets and buttonholes. A bit of slop in the sewing, especially in the double needle seams is encouraged. (The girls still think I'm crazy, but they understand- or say they do.) We use 5mm eyelets and 26mm bartack buttonholes just like they did in 1944. Finally, our drawcord is the best stuff in the universe. Original cord is specific to smocks (and "Kharkov parka" hoods)- it's insanely expensive for what it is. We had it reproduced exactly, in rayon, from a snippet off one of my originals.

Washing? Yes, washer/ dryer safe. We recommend cold wash and hang dry for best results.