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Sateen Erbsentarn Tunic
Sateen Erbsentarn Tunic

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Product Description

Reproduction of the Erbsentarn (44 dot) camouflage tunic. This uniform appeared in the Spring of 1944 and was worn until the end of the War. These uniforms were made from nearly a dozen different fabrics, with cotton sateen being the second most numerous after Drillich HBT. This fabric is 100% cotton, approximately 8.5 oz per square yard. It's akin to a medium weight denim.

ATF's 44 Dot: We have spent five years developing these uniforms, with only original WWII examples of garments and fabrics used in the process. I believe we are the only company which uses the true pattern for the garments- everyone else (including the pricey ones) based their designs off Heer "reed green" uniforms. All of the details peculiar to the originals are duplicated- the shorter skirt, no chest darts, buttons, lining material, and reinforcements. The sateen cloth was custom woven from an original swatch I cut from a damaged uniform- these are totally unique to ATF. No one has ever properly copied this fabric before.

Lining: The sateen tunics are lined with an exact reproduction of the Italian HBT rayon fabric often seen in uniforms manufactured at Ravensbruck. (Betr. Ra). A few of the Czech made fakes have used something similar over the years, but our fabric was copied from a sample of the real stuff- and it's indistinguishable. Among collectors this material is one of the signs of a "true original". Well...

Insignia: These uniforms were issued with a sleeve eagle. The eagle was intended to be the only insignia worn on them, but, as with most every other uniform, the German troops often went their own way. It's not terribly uncommon to see them being worn with shoulder boards, collar tabs, and cuff titles in period photos.

Care/Washing 2021: We now recommend hand wash and hang dry for all camouflage uniforms. This is due to the propensity for washing machines and dryers to create highlights where the garments rub on the inside of the tubs and drums, as well as machines also being hard on metal buttons. If one does use a washer and/ or dryer, flipping the garment inside out will help mitigate some of the problems. Washed garments are not returnable.

Shrinkage: We compensated for this in the pattern. They will shrink about 1.5" in length.

Sizing: We followed the German metric scale exactly- which is actually more detailed than the American sizing grades. On German Feldblusen, length is far more important than exact chest size, hence the size ranges. Simply find what range your chest size is in, then pick your length.

Length: We made these in Shorts, Regulars and Longs. Many reproductions are ridiculously long for most people, those 5'8" and less often look like they are wearing a greatcoat, with sleeves to their fingertips. In WWII, German tunics came in literally dozens of size combinations- we learned their sizing system intimately while making our Texled uniforms. The German military based their jacket lengths on one's torso measure- the kurze Taille. This is the distance from the base of the collar to the narrowest part of the waist, where the belt hook holes (and hence the belt) will fall. Each size nominally corresponds to a range of heights. Below is a table with our sizing. Like the Germans in WWII, chest/ tunic size does not effect the length. In other words, a Small short has the same torso and sleeve lengths as an XXL Short.

Size Height Range *Torso Length **Sleeve Length
Short 5'4"-5'8" 42cm 60cm
Regular 5'9"-6'0" 46cm 65cm
Long 6'1"-6'4" 50cm 69cm
*Torso Length = base of collar to the level of the center belt hook hole (the total length of the back is about 25cm more)
**Sleeve Length = shoulder seam (where the sleeve attaches) to the cuff


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