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Overprint Camo Tunic
Overprint Camo Tunic

: $124.99

Overprint Camo Tunic*:

Product Description

Reproduction tunic made from Overprint 1-2 camouflage fabric.

Some troops, most often officers or NCO's, had uniforms custom made. Contemporary accounts state that the soldier provided the fabric, payment and his idea and then the tailor made it happen. Wartime photos and surviving originals show a wide variety of style and cut on these garments. Some were made from a bolt of cloth, others from shelter quarters and a few were modified smocks or parkas.

For our reproductions, we chose a design that closely resembles and "M40" tunic. They have partial lining, pleated pockets, scalloped flaps, tapered waist and closed collar.


Note: We have ZERO ability to do custom orders in other patterns, colors, styles or sizes.

Insignia: Anything goes. Some photos show custom tunics being worn with no insignia, oftentimes one sees just shoulderboards, while occasionally they are seen fully emblazoned including medals. There is no correct or incorrect on these.

Care: We recommend hand wash cold and hang dry. The buttons do not like machines and the tumbler tends to leave highlights on the camouflage. 100% cotton.

Teflon? Yes, all of our reversible poplin camo fabric is treated with water repellant. Yes, the Germans also used water repellant in WWII on this type of fabric but the main product was called Peristol. It is no longer made, so we used the best quality available which is Teflon. No, Teflon does not stiffen the fabric at all (despite what some self-anointed experts claim on Facetard.) To the contrary it actually softens it slightly.