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Lafette Straps
Lafette Straps

: $99.99

Product Description


Detail of ends

Identical to the original- except for the age.

Straps in carry mode.

New carrying straps for MG34 & MG42 Lafetten. These have never been properly duplicated before. (There were some horrid things from India a few years ago but dog leashes with carabiners would have looked better...) The actual gun mounts are plentiful- the straps not so. Nice original straps can cost nearly as much as the mount itself- and most are not strong enough to actually use anyway. These reproductions are perfect. We had the hardware reproduced exactly and cutting dies made from the original strap in the comparison photo.

Made from 10-12 oz. US leather, in the proper tan color and hand-stitched with 5 strand linen cord. These are tough enough to hump the 50 pound mount around the block as often as you wish to.
Marked and waffenamt.

Sold in Pairs.


Markings: We don't offer custom dates or markings. There was no regulation in the Wehrmacht that the MG, the Lafette, and the carrying straps were required to have matching dates in order for them to be used in combat. I don't have stamps for every year in the first place. And, if I stock them blank, then they'll get sent out that way and someone will go postal because there is no date. Murphy's law and all... The markings vary.

Made with US leather, imported hardware, and hand sewn overseas.

Fraud Note: There are a few vendors offering "original" Lafette straps that have pads sewn on them and 2 small auxiliary straps (like Y-straps). Most are black and have WWII dates. These are NOT original. They are some sort of postwar nonsense which have been "pimped" with a "1944" hand stamp. If you think I'm wrong, fine. Find me an original wartime photo showing these things in use and I'll eat my words.

Q: How do I install them?
A: Clip the snap-hooks on the d-rings on the bottom of the mount.
Q: Why are yours the wrong color?
A: They aren't. They're just new. 60 years of dirt, sun, sweat and oil darkens the leather.