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MG42 Ruptured Case Extractor
MG42 Ruptured Case Extractor

: $129.99


Product Description

Original WWII ruptured case extractor (H├╝lsenentferner42) for the MG42. (There is another version made for the MG34). This was one of the standard tools carried by gunners in their tool pouch. Several wartime accounts recall anxious moments while the assistant gunner frantically worked to remove stuck casings from hot barrels and get MG's back into action during close combat.

From time to time, especially during sustained firing, a casing will expand in the chamber- on some the extractor will actually rip the base off. The latter issue is particularly common on the MG42.

To get the casing out, the barrel must be removed. This tool has two ends- one that can grip the lip of a stuck case, and an expandable one for instances when the base has been ripped off. There are two shafts fit into the roller guides of the barrel extension- the tool is then folded over which simultaneously creates a handle and compresses the large end to grip the lip of the casing's base or expands the narrow end to grab the inside torn one. With some twisting and pulling it is possible to clear the barrel.

These are all original production- there are no reproductions of this particular tool. All appear to be maker code "hoz". The WaA stamps are clear on some, very faint on others.

Condition is very good to excellent, all are quite functional, although they have some storage grease (cosmoline) on them.