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Dummy MP44 Magazine
Dummy MP44 Magazine

: $24.99

Product Description
Dummy (non-functional) magazines for the WWII German MP44/ STG rifles. These are made from black resin, and the details are excellent- from a few feet away they look like the real thing. Moulded from a real sample, these these have the metal tang on the bottom as well as clear MP44 and maker mark stamps. These are the perfect thing to fill out magazine pouches- far cheaper than real magazines and aesthetically superior to wads of toilet paper or bubble wrap.

Made in USA

Here we go...the FAQ

Q: Do they fit in the MP44?
A: More or less. I tried half a dozen in my MP44 and all fit in the mag well, but only two would actually lock in.

Q: Can you make them work- like hold ammo and go boom?
A: Sadly, I don't possess the skill set for such an undertaking, but I've heard that anything is possible with duct tape and a hammer.