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M1936 Musette Bag
M1936 Musette Bag

: $49.99

Product Description
WWII Musette Bag
GP shoulder strap sold separately
Straps attach to combat suspenders
or GP strap
Interior dividers Outer pocket

Excellent quality copy of the M1936 Musette Bag. These are imported but nearly equal in quality to our USA made bags. Made from #8 cotton canvas and shuttle loomed webbing, in the correct WWII olive drab number 3 shade- often called "khaki" by enthusiasts. This is not one of the flimsy pieces of junk offered elsewhere- these are as heavy duty as the originals.

Although associated with Paratroopers, the Musette Bag was issued throughout the US Army. It could be carried as a shoulder bag via the GP strap, or attached to the combat suspenders and worn as a backpack (both sold separately). They were commonly attached to jeeps, trucks, armored cars and tanks as well.

The musette bag has a small, 5" x 5" external side pocket, and a larger, 10" x 12" rear pocket, both closed with tack buttons. The main compartment is approximately 11" x 12" x 5", and this has an internal divider that itself is divided in two, giving 4 actual compartments inside.

The new batch received on September 11, 2018 now includes the shoulder strap. The previous run did not.

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