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Original Material Parachute First Aid Packet
Original Material Parachute First Aid Packet

: $49.99


Product Description
These kits are made using WWII rubberized canvas- same as originals. We cut up a stack of waterproof bags to get the material. They vary in shade- some are more green or more tan than others. However, since this is original material, none of them can be wrong. That's why I have three kits in the photo, to show the variation.
Kit issued to airborne and glider troops as a supplement to their regular first aid kits. The original packets contained a field dressing, a tourniquet and a morphine syrette. They were tied to the helmet, uniform or equipment.
Our packets contain WWII field dressings (most are British, but they are WWII dated) and a web strap similar to a tourniquet. (Sorry, no stupid yuck-yuck comments about a dose of morphine. That should be a no-brainer.) Other repros are stuffed with cotton balls, cardboard scraps or tampons. So if you get an "ouchie" and have a gusher, you can rip these open and find a bandage instead of a tampax.
Made in USA