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Green Officer Garrison Cap
Green Officer Garrison Cap

: $39.99

Officer Garrison Cap Size*:

Product Description
Interior Rank placement
(sold separately)
What airborne officers wore.
Insignia sold separately.
Combined Airborne Cap

New, reproductions of the Tailor-made caps, available to army officers through the PX or private tailors & clothing companies. Yes, these are the "green" officer-only fabric, rather than the "od/ mustard" used for EM uniforms. These were for wear with the "pinks & greens" but were often worn with all uniforms, in and out of the field, etc, etc..
(The color is sometimes called "chocolate" although it was actually an odd shade of green, not brown.)

Our cloth is finely woven 100% wool serge, and is some of the nicest fabric we've ever had. We line the caps with rayon and all are fitted with the russet leather sweatband. As with many tailor made items, originals vary quite a bit, but this appears to be the most typical pattern.
Trimmed with officer black/ gold piping.
Officer's rank was pinned to the left side.