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Original US Helmet Liners, damaged
Original US Helmet Liners, damaged

: $19.99

Product Description

Original US military issue M1 helmet liners that need minor repair- in most cases, the damage will consist of cracked rivet holes from where whoever drilled it out wasn't being careful enough. Others have one or more cracks or chips and some have a combination.

That said, these do not have 14" splits where the sides look like the ears on a basset hound. These liners can be salvaged with some time using fiberglass repair kits, epoxy and/ or washers to make decent looking restored liners. We have done it before, but it just takes too long.

Suspension? No. These have been drilled out and are ready to be re-webbed. A tiny percentage may have original or repro suspension, but this is unlikely.

Color: Varies all over the map. Many we had already stripped, a few have been fully repainted, others still have their original, sometimes multiple, paint job(s).

*Are they "for sure" WWII? These are a mix of WWII and 1950's production mixed in, but they are identical to pre-1946 aside from the stamp inside. If this is a huge deal, don't order them. There are a handful that lack the front eyelet, but those are the minority.

We now have some "100% WWII liners" in a separate listing.

Maker choice? No. These are random, with a few of every manufacturer except Inland- those were culled out years ago.

Cracks/ Chips/ Imperfections? Yep.

Closeouts, No Returns.