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Original US Helmet Liners, "effed up"
Original US Helmet Liners, "effed up"

: $8.99

Product Description

Original (most are WWII) US military issue liners that have seen better days- all of these are pretty much screwed. All are cracked, chipped, chunks missing, and so forth. Some are pretty clean, others caked in filth- they run the gamut. Regardless, to repair them will take more time than we are willing to spend on them so...here they are.

Suspension? Most have been drilled out, but a few have some or all of their original suspension.

Color: Every color in the rainbow- many are still OD...others are...other colors. A few are unpainted.

Are they WWII? Mostly yes. There are a very few of the 1950's production, but they are identical to pre-1946 aside from the stamp inside (ok and a few may not have the eyelet). None of them are the later Vietnam era style without the studs for liner chinstraps. But a stud or two might be broken off...

Maker choice? No. These are random, with a few of every manufacturer except Inland- those were culled out years ago.

Cracks/ Chips/ Imperfections? Oh yeah.

Closeouts, No Returns.