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per yard $19.99

Product Description
While re-organizing the warehouse we found several rolls of our old Marine Corps HBT. This is the same material we used on the utility uniforms we manufactured here many years ago. It is first quality, woven by the Dan River Company (no longer in business) in the USA.
Marine Corps HBT weave is slightly different than that used by the army. However, it is only visible on very close examination- so this material will work for army items as well. The color is a sage green, also acceptable for either service.
1. We do NOT sell patterns.
2. Fabric is NOT returnable! Once we have cut it, it's yours.
3. We will gladly send you a swatch. Just ask.
4. The longest continuous piece we can cut is 4 yards. If you order 10 yards, it will come in 3 pieces. We do not have "bolts"- this is on 100 yard rolls so it's more hassle to cut than what you get at Joann's fabrics.
Consumption: Shirts or trousers require about 2 yards, coveralls 4 yards, and 1 yard will make 8-10 caps.
Note: We no longer have USMC tack buttons for sale. They are all gone. Also, we do not have any "iron on" EGA's (Marine Corps symbols) because we never used them. Those are silk screened on with a stencil and special ink.
59" wide