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Olive Drab No. 3 Cotton Twill
Olive Drab No. 3 Cotton Twill

per yard $14.99

Product Description
Olive drab number 3, 100% cotton twill cloth. This is the material used for Jump Uniforms, Tanker Jackets, Mackinaws, some M41 Jackets, Overcoat linings, etc..
Colorfast, shrinkage approximately 8%, 59" wide.
Swatches available.

1. We do NOT sell patterns.
2. Fabric is NOT returnable! Once we have cut it, it's yours.
3. We will gladly send you a swatch. Just ask.
4. The longest continuous piece we can cut is 4 yards. If you order 10 yards, it will come in 3 pieces. We do not have "bolts"- this is on 100 yard rolls so it's more hassle to cut than what you get at Joann's fabrics.

Consumption: Shirts or trousers require about 2 yards, coveralls 4 yards, and 1 yard will make 8-10 caps.