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JQMD Airborne Webgear Package
JQMD Airborne Webgear Package

: $149.99

JQMD Musette Bag?*:

Choose Combat Belt*:

JQMD Combat Suspenders?*:

JQMD Canteen Cover?*:

JQMD First Aid Pouch?*:

Add SMG or Carbine Pouches*:

Add Canteen*:

Add Shovel:

Add Shovel Carrier:

Add Pistol Holster*:

Add Bayonet:

Add Pistol Mag Pouch*:

Product Description
Shown with Carbine Pouch and
M1916 Holster, as what many officers
might wear
Set with pistol belt and
2 x M1 Rigger Pouches
Set up for M1 Thompson
Fieldgear equipment package for US Army Paratroopers (also worn by the infantry, but the Musette Bag with combat suspenders is usually associated with the airborne.)

This is the lowest priced gear we can assemble into a gear set. Our JQMD gear is as good, usually better, than what other companies offer. It's made overseas but to our specifications and with our patterns.
For higher quality equipment, see the USA made packages.

The basic package consists of:
JQMD Musette Bag
JQMD Combat Suspenders
JQMD Canteen Cover
JQMD First Aid Pouch

The options will let you customize the belt and ammo pouches for other weapons. Various configurations shown in the photos.

This will let one omit items, but they are not debited at full price. It would be cheaper to purchase items individually rather than try to delete half of the package items.