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OD3 Phone Pouch
OD3 Phone Pouch

: $39.99

Product Description

In use (Test pouch shown- all now
have the the "U.S." stencil)
Original WWII fabric Shown with iphone 8plus
Place finger(s) behind
snap to close!
Channel for belts Rear. Yes, pretty boring...

Pouch made from original WWII fabric specifically for mobile phones. I needed a new phone holder for the gym, so we dug around in our webbing stash and a few hours later...we had a workable prototype. The webbing used for the pouch is actual, original OD 3 material, the lift-the-dot snaps are new production from Scovil, and the 1" web strip is new reproduction fabric.

Wear: We combined the traits of the the M1 Carbine and .45 ammo pouches in this design- the webbing on the back is doubled over creating a full length channel to pass a belt through. The large gap (5 1/2 ") allows the pouch to "float" when one sits or kneels so it doesn't dig into your thigh or side. This will also fit over many weight lifting belts as well.

Fit: Shown is the pouch holding an iphone 8 plus with a unicorn case. We do not have a list of every model of phone it will fit- but the phone shown is about 6.75" tall x 3.5" wide x 1/2" deep (with its protector) and this is about the maximum that will fit and allow the flap to close.

Warning! To close the snap, place your fingers under the strap that the post is attached to (as shown). This prevents one from pushing against the phone screen and possibly cracking it.

AR15 Mags??? The very first question (of course) when we listed this was whether AR15 magazines will fit. The answer is no. Neither will BAR, AK47, MP40, Thompson, Sten etc.. All are either too tall and or thick. We do not have an interchange list of every object in the universe that will fit in these pouches- nor a database of everything that AR mags will fit in.

Figure the dimensions above 6.75" x 3.5" x .5" to be the largest item that will go.

Made in USA