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1st Model Navy Deck Jacket
1st Model Navy Deck Jacket

: $169.99

1st Model Deck Jacket Size*:

Product Description

Fleece lining Talon zippers with
shell fabric pull
Patch pockets Internal chest pocket

During WWII the US Navy developed three patterns of "Deck Jackets". These were a general purpose cold weather coat, designed to keep the sailors warm while on watch in the cold winds of the open ocean. The first design appeared similar in cut to the Army's Winter Combat Jacket (Tanker). The coat was made with a dense cribbed cotton outer shell called "jungle cloth." The lining was a heavy dark blue melton wool cloth, close in thickness to that used in blankets. Sandwiched in between these was a thin layer of nylon cloth for wind proofing. Cuffs, waist and neck featured ribbed woolen knit and the front was closed with a nickel or brass zipper.

Original examples of the 1st Model Deck Jacket today are insanely expensive and difficult to find. The one we used was in rough shape, but that allowed us to partially disassemble it to investigate the design more fully. Our jackets are not "blue tankers" like the other reproductions on the market. The deck jacket had a different cut, larger neck, and different proportions all around than the Army garment.

This is one of the most practical everyday wear jackets we have ever offered. With that in mind, as well as price and thermal performance, we opted to substitute high quality polar fleece for the wool lining. This kept the price down 50%, made the jacket lighter and warmer, and allows them to be machine washable. Moreover, the vat dyed wool of the original and our lining are visually identical. Our jackets feature genuine Talon zippers, the same type of nylon windproofing as originals, tubular (no seam) knit cuffs, and 100% ribbed cotton shell. Lastly, we added an internal chest pocket as a secure location for wallets, phones, compact pistols, etc..