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Reproduction US WWII Boots

All of our WWII boots custom made copies, patterned from original examples, which we contract directly with the factory. The colors, leather types, soles and hardware are all correctly recreated.

Our new generation of boots are manufactured in America, by a military contractor. The quality is superb, and there is nothing better available. Goodyear has re-trademarked their
WWII "Wingfoot" soles and heels, and made them for us under license.

For Boot repair (US and German) we use Cinderella Shoe repair in Louisville, Ky. The best way to reach Pete is via email: Pete Howard

US Army Shoe Fit Guide

  • Laces & Leathercare

    Applying Shoe Grease/ "Dubbing"

    Both work best if product
    and boots are warm. Set
    them in the sun or use a
    hair dryer.
    Huberd's is dark, and
    similar to syrup. An old
    toothbrush makes a good

    Work grease into the
    leather, (only on the outside
    of the boots) paying
    attention to the seams
    to seal the stitch holes.

    Rub boots well with a
    towel to remove excess
    grease. Make sure to
    clean out the eyelets
    so you don't slime your
    Sno-Seal is a thick paste,
    comparable to shortening,
    very similar to the WWII
    issue dubbing.
    The application process
    is the same as with
    Huberd's. Apply paste,
    work it into the leather.
    ...wipe off the excess
    goop, clear out the
    Allow a few hours to dry,
    and done. The Huberd's
    is slightly darker, but
    otherwise the end result
    is the same. Now the boots
    can be polished if one

    Huberd's or Sno-seal? Honestly, there is no clear cut answer. Both are great, American made products, and the end result is basically identical. Sno-seal is physically more similar to the WWII issue dubbing, and Huberd's will darken the boots slightly more.

    Break in/ dubbing: Some say it's best to break in boots first and then apply dubbing. I have done it both ways and noted no clear advantage to either method. Do leave polishing until last.

    Operator errors: These products are meant to be applied to the outside of the boots. And do not use an oven (includes microwaves) for any of this!

    Death Wish: Both are relatively messy so unless you and your life-partner enjoy sitting in bacon grease, I don't recommend applying them on the sofa while watching Patton. Clean up is soap and warm water- these products aren't caustic, just greasy. An old toothbrush and a towel are the best application tools. And don't forget to clear out the eyelets lest you want your laces to feel like the were dipped in Crisco. (Personal experience.)

    Does this work on other boots? Yes, leather boots. All WWII boots will enjoy a bath in these products- Jump Boots, Service Shoes, Jackboots, Lowboots and so forth.

    What else should be put on boots? The only other products to use to maintain leather boots would be polish (if you wish), and in some cases dye or edge dressing for color touch up. With Sno-seal or Huberd's, there is no need for "Saddle soap", mink oil, "conditioner" or anything else.

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