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  • M1 Infantry Helmets

    M1 Helmets
    The M-1 helmet was the standard issue combat headgear used by the United States military from 1941 until the late 1980's. We use original military issue steel shells and a mix of authentic and reproduction liners (depending on the model) to re-create the WWII versions of this classic helmet. All steel shells are stripped of their old paint and texture, dents and dings repaired, then repainted in the WWII shade of olive drab, and finally refitted with reproduction chinstraps correct for the wartime era.


    Only the "reproduction" helmets are new. The others 50+ years old and have been used by the US military, so we cannot guarantee these to be completely free of dings, small cracks, scratches, or a rough spots. All U.S. helmets are assembled using military surplus steel pots. They are not mint, flawless, stored in a shock-proof-vault-just-for-u. Although we repaint and refurbish them, some evidence of their past use or wear is likely. They are in good to very good shape, but not 110% perfect.
    WWII "front seam" shells in particular nearly always have some level of stress cracks at the rear. We cannot completely fix this.

    US Helmet "Sizes"

    Unlike German helmets and modern day Kevlars, the M-1 M-1C and M-2 helmets and liners come in only one size. The sweatband in the liner adjusts to fit your head via a slide buckle like some baseball caps. Thus, one size fits all. If you get a helmet and it's too tight, you simply need to adjust the sweatband. It's very, very simple.

  • Garrison Caps

    Garrison Caps

    There are two patterns of cap worn in WWII. The issue and PX styles. The issue cap is, what it says- this was the cap issued to all troops by the Quartermaster of the US Army. It has a pleated top, and is similar in profile to the cap worn in WWI. The top curves upward from the rear and slopes downward toward the front. The PX caps were purchased privately by soldiers- they were sold in the PX's, department stores and tailor shops around country. They are basically rectangular and do not have the pleat in the top. This is the cap often erroneously called the "airborne" model by living historians who study history via mini-series and action figures. Both types were widely worn and both are equally correct. Most reenactors prefer the PX style due to it's "sharper" appearance and fetish with anything rumored to involve paratroopers.
    Branch of Service Piping
    Soldiers wore colored trim (piping) on their garrison caps to show what branch they were (infantry, artillery, armor, etc). We stock all caps with blue (infantry) piping since this is what 95% of reenactors portray. (This includes airborne infantry). We have other colors and can sew them on for a $14.99 fee. We must partially disassemble the cap to do so and it takes about 30 minutes. This is the reason for the fee. It will also delay shipment 3-5 days depending on our sewing schedule. Thanks for understanding. See below for caps with custom (other than blue) piping.
  • Paratrooper Helmets

    WWII Paratrooper Helmets
    The American Airborne troops used the same M1 helmet as the rest of the Army (and Marine Corps). However, the liner and chinstraps were modified to prevent them from separating during parachute jumps. These were known as the M2 and M1C helmets. The first paratroopers used the M-2 (a.k.a. "D-bale"). These had a modified, D-shaped wire for the chin strap on the shell. This was found to be susceptible to breakage, so it was switched in favor of the swivel bale design in late 1943.
    The M2 was by far the most common paratrooper helmet on D-Day, but the M1C began to replace it late in the War.
    Original WWII Paratrooper helmets are rare and very expensive today.

  • Helmet Parts

    U.S. M-1/ M-1C/ M2 Helmet Parts

    The parts on this page are designed to fit U.S. Military issue M-1 steel helmets (including M-1C and M-2) and U. S. military M42 and M52 liners. The only foreign liners that we have dealt with are Belgian ones. They are a copy of the M42 US liners and consequently, their parts will usually interchange.

    There are other helmets that are externally similar to the US M-1 helmet, including postwar Dutch, Norwegian, Bundeswehr, Greek and Japanese. Our parts are not designed for these helmets.

  • Jeep & Watch Caps

    Jeep and A4 Caps

    During WWII the Army issued two types of knit caps- the M1941 wool knit cap (aka jeep) and the A4. They are basically the same cap except that the former had a small visor. Both can be worn alone or under the steel helmet. Personally I find the A4 preferable- the sides are a bit longer so they cover the wearer's ears better.

    We offer two styles of each- we make some in our own shop with 100% wool knit from Minnesota. The other is an imported version, in a 50/50 wool/ polyester blend. Both are made with tubular cloth- there is no seam.

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