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Lght Shde HBT Cap
Lght Shde HBT Cap

: $19,999.99

USHCHB41 Sizes*:

Product Description

First issue fatigue and field cap made in sage green HBT. Patterned from original, unissued and unaltered samples, our caps feature 8 pleats and 4 air vents in the body. This cap was initially intended for armored troops and mechanics, but was quickly adopted by all army personnel. Aside from being lighter in shade than the other HBT cap, these have a slightly shorter visor.

The HBT cap was worn by all troops from late 1942 onward. This cap (as well as the later od 7 type) was also used by the Marines (often with a metal EGA pinned to the front) for most of the War as their P44 cap did not appear until early 1945. The bill is approximately 2 inches long.

Important Sizing Notes
1. If you wear a size we don't make (We DO NOT make sizes 6 7/8, 7 1/8, 7 3/8, 7 5/8 or 7 7/8) then simply order the next size larger. Do not order one smaller. This is apparently a shock to several people, but if you wear a 7 1/8, then a 7 will be too small.

2. All HBT caps and hats are slightly oversized (about 1/4") to allow for shrinkage. This is NOT an error. It is called experience. We have learned over the years that cotton caps shrink when they get wet and dry. Were we to make new caps true to size, they would end up too tight after they were washed or simply worn and sweated in. So, if your cap is a little loose when you try it on, that's OK. If it falls over your ears, then you need a smaller size...