(including AA AE and AP)

  1. Orders using Economy or Ground services typically leave our building within 2-3 business days of being placed. 2nd Day and Next Day Air usually go out same or next day (depending on what time they are received.)
  2. Economy Shipping: Usually these will be sent via USPS, but a few may be delivered by Fedex or UPS, our choice. All have tracking numbers which are sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer. This option does NOT have a guaranteed delivery date! If you need your order to arrive on a specific day you need to choose a different shipping option.
  3. Ground Shipping: Fed Ex Ground, UPS, Priority Mail depending on your location. Fed Ex does not deliver ground packages on Mondays to many states.
  4. Next Day and 2nd Day Air are available at additional cost. Those will be shipped UPS or Fedex. If you must have Saturday delivery on any of these options you MUST tell us, there is no option to click on that choice. Cost for this is at least $15.00 more. Most quick ship options placed at the end of the week won't arrive until the following Tuesday.
  5. No order will be shipped until paid for in full.
  6. Orders to Hawaii and Alaska are required to ship at 2nd Day Air with UPS or Fedex. If you want otherwise chose the post office option. If you don't see that option at check out Contact us via e mail after placing an order so we can correct the ship cost before charging your sale. If you don't we will automatically ship 2nd Day Air.
  7. All P.O. Box, APO, and FPO orders are shipped US Post.
  8. Delivery at Shows & Events: If we are attending an event, we can bring prepaid orders for pick up.
  9. If you need to re-route your package after it has been shipped, you need to contact us to do so and the carriers charge $15-20 . RTS "return to us" not delivered due to incorrect address information provided will have to pay the RTS fee and the original postage cost again. So PLEASE double check the address you provide us before placing your order.
  10. All tracking information is sent via email, it will not be posted on the site so check your email address in box that you used for your order to find this information.
  11. Pay Pal automatically enters your approved address on our order form so be sure your pay pal account has the correct ship to address you are using before you complete check out.


International packages are shipped via UPS, FED EX or Express Mail Service (EMS). We ship Monday through Friday. The rates are much more expensive than US shipping. There is no way we can offer free international shipping. We will not use the cheaper services (Global Priority and Surface) due to a lack of tracking numbers. It has proven too tempting for fraud in the past. Yes- if you only need one patch it still must ship this method.

Trouble shopping? Start by registering on the site with a saved password and your email. Doing this makes shopping smoother. For countries that don't have states type in NA on that line.
If you are having trouble at checkout be sure your credit card is yours and your using it from a country that we accept them from.
If checking out with pay pal be sure you are having the order delivered to the address you have on record with them as they auto fill in the information no matter what you have typed in before. It is best to be sure that they are updated and checked before you shop.
Still having trouble? Clear your browser cache on the device you are using log off then back in, that should work.

NEW: 2020 Many international shoppers are now using a secondary packing service in the states, so we ship to them as directed. When we show package delivered it is no longer in our control. Contact them if you have questions on delivery times. These services will not forward weapons of any kind including stick grenades, and police clubs so please don't order them. If you go around this and order them and the forward agent ships forward to you and your country seizes the package we will NOT refund you.

For notes on international shipping, see bottom of page.


If the product is in any way unsatisfactory, displeasing, does not fit, or misbehaves, ship it back in the original condition within 10 days for a refund or exchange. (The item needs to be shipped within 10 days. Especially with international orders we realize that it may take a few more to reach us.) Refunds will be made via the original method of payment, excluding shipping and handling charges.

Return Shipping Charges

Customers are responsible for all return and exchange shipping costs.

Only in cases where we sent the wrong* item, or a defective item will we reimburse shipping charges.

Return shipping charges for items needing to be inspected before insignia is sewn are also the customer's responsibility.

* "Wrong item" means the item shipped was not what was specifically ordered. If you order a size 44 Field Jacket, and we send you a size 44, then it's the correct item. If you order a 44 and we send you a 50, then it's the "wrong item".

We will not reimburse expedited shipping charges back to us without prior approval. If you send your return to us by Next Day Air or another high priced service, we will NOT refund those charges, unless you have cleared it with us beforehand. We will only approve this in rare cases with extenuating circumstances.

Defective items: If you have a problem with an item (missing button, loose zipper, etc) please contact us first as it may be more practical (in time and money) to send you the part(s) it needs. If you have 2 left sleeves, then that's another matter. We do NOT accept returns under the following conditions

Returns will not be accepted if...
  1. The item was received by the customer more than 10 days previous to it being shipped back to us. If it takes 60 days to realize that the pants are too small, there is a problem, but it is not ours to solve.
  2. The item has been modified. (Patches sewn on, a garment has been tailored, item has been painted or stripped)
  3. The item has been used. Tried-on is not the same thing. By all means, try it on, but once you've run around the block or climbed Kilimanjaro with it, it's yours. Also, if it isn't fitting easily, don't force it onto your body. Send it back for a larger size.
  4. The item has been washed.
  5. If there is no copy of the sales receipt. If you have lost it, call us, we'll probably work it out. If there is no copy of the receipt, we will simply send it back to you.
  6. If the item was sold as a "closeout", it is not returnable.
  7. The item was bought at a show from the close outs/defects we only take to shows. If you bought a bunch of $1.00 patches or a pair of defective boots and then try to return them for the regular stock we offer, we will just return them to you with a bill for shipping them back

Multiple/ Duplicate Orders: If you send us 2 or more email orders either by mistake or due to impatience, it is your responsibility to contact us to cancel the extra order(s). We will not refund shipping and return shipping for duplicate orders!

Product failure/ Warranty
If one of our products fails or develops a problem, we may repair or replace it after the normal return period, depending upon the circumstances. Normal wear and tear (worn soles on boots, fading uniforms, chipped paint on hardware, uniform shrinkage, lost hobnails, and aging of leather) is not covered. However, defective workmanship or materials we will address on a case by case basis. Snaps or zippers that break, loose eyelets, etc, we will usually repair. In some cases, the cost of shipping the item back to us exceeds the repair cost, so it will be easier to simply send you replacement parts.

Package Returns:
If you order a "package set" Impression, 3 piece sets or items that have add on options at a discount and return the main item'(s) for refund you will be refunded the item less the retail cost of said add on's. EX: HBT package, (hat pants jacket) retail cost hat 19.99, pants 59.99 jacket 59.99, package price on the site 119.99, you return the hat for a refund you're only going to get a penny.
Helmets add on options net scrim 1st aid pouch, retail cost is 41.97 for those 3 parts, in the set discount cost is only 29.98, so return helmet for refund and keep those 3 parts you get the helmet cost back less the 41.97. Any and all packages- group sets- insignia sets- in the drop down boxes apply to this message.

International Shipping Notes

We will NOT ship to Greece or France via UPS due to problems UPS and these countries' customs officers.

Delivery Time: Please allow at least 12 days-2 1/2 weeks from the time you place your order until you receive it. Orders will not be shipped until payment is received.

International Payment: We do not accept Western Union, Moneygram or any similar payment. Only the Visa, Mastercard, American Express, money orders, cash or bank wire transfer. Due to an increase in the number of fraudulent charges we will NOT accept credit card payment for foreign orders of $1,500 or more. Such orders must be paid by wire transfer or Paypal.

Duties and Taxes: The customer is responsible for paying any and all customs duties, fees or tariffs charged by their country. We DO NOT pay your customs duties. We have no control over your duties! If you don't like this concept, then DO NOT order from us. We will not falsify or understate the value of a package on customs forms. Also, many European custom's offices are now check our website to assess duties. We do not charge a shopper any taxes or customs fee's, you only pay us for the postage and you items.

Missing Packages: If you do not receive your package within 2 weeks please contact us. We must submit forms to our post office within 30 days of shipping for insurance claims.

Refused Packages: If the customer refuses to pick up a package from their post office or customs service, we will not refund the shipping charges. Additionally, you will be charged for any return shipping from your country incurred by us. Likewise, if we are requested to reship the refused package, you will end up paying shipping again. This is NOT negotiable or debatable.

International Returns: On international orders, please contact us before you return an item back to us.

International Services: There is a different post service for almost every country, so we do not have the contact information for every country's post office or customs. If you do not know how packages are routed in your specific country please ask your local post carrier. Many countries have their own postal web site and change our tracking numbers once they collect your box.

Credit Card Fraud: Due to rampant fraud, credit card payment will NOT be accepted for orders from the following countries: If you try to use a credit card from one of these countries, we will simply cancel the order and send you an email telling you your other payment options.

  1. Russia
  2. Slovakia
  3. Ukraine
  4. Belarus
  5. South Africa
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Romania
  8. Indonesia
  9. Argentina
  10. Croatia
  11. Serbia
  12. Albania
  13. Moldova
  14. Bosnia
  15. India
  16. China
  17. Singapore
  18. Eastern Europe
  19. All of South and Central America.
  20. Spain

Under no circumstances will we take any form of credit card from these countries. It's not that we have received several orders using stolen cards from these's more like 9 out of 10 orders from these countries was placed with one. The only payment options for these countries are Paypal, international money order, or bank wire transfer*. If you wish to wire payment, contact us for bank info.

German or French Orders: Important! We cannot ship merchandise to the FRG or France that has swastikas, SS runes or death's head emblems!

Deutsche oder Franzöische Bestellungen: Achtung! Wir dürfen keine Artikeln mit NS Abzeichen (Halkenkreuz, Siegrunen, oder Totenkopf) in die BRD oder Frankreich schicken! Commandes pour l'Allemagne ou la

France: Important! Nous ne pouvons pas expédier de marchandises qui portent des insignes swastikas, SS ou des emblèmes à tête de mort, en Allemagne ou en France.