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Sewing Services

We no longer offer sewing services of any kind, including alterations, repairs, or insignia sewing. The reason is that we are short staffed and simply do not have the time. Each job amounts to a custom order, many people are incredibly impatient, and these jobs were really biting into our production time of our in house products.

Yes, we realize that there is a demand for such a service- several other WWII vendors do offer some or all of these services.

Here are several places that our customers have recommended:
GD43: Besides alterations and insignia, they also make excellent German hats.
Service Co. Rigger Mods: Specializing in WWII Airborne "Rigger" work.
Sharon's Creative Sewing: Full service design & alterations. Gettysburg, PA.
Neal Hurst: Tailoring & design.