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  • U.S. Fieldgear

    ATF's US WWII Fieldgear
    Since 2001, we have manufactured nearly all of own W.W.II US field gear and we are confident that we make the best gear since W.W.II. Our products are made in the USA with mostly US materials. Most other reproduction US gear is made in India, Pakistan, China or Mexico with predictable sacrifices in quality. The color is beige or mango, the fabric bleeds color, the grommets pull out, the buckles break and nothing fits like it should. But it sure is CHEAP....This is not our fieldgear. ATF gear is as good or better than the original issued in WWII.
  • U.S. Insignia

    US Insignia

    All of our insignia is WWII pattern- the designs of rank chevrons and many unit patches changed in the 1950's. Also, cloth insignia made after the War was made on a different type of embroidery machine which altered the edge of the patch. All of our reproductions are copied from original WWII examples and have the correct weave, colors and designs. We have a few original patches- they are clearly labeled as "original". Otherwise, all items are reproductions.

  • U.S. Footwear

    Reproduction US WWII Boots

    All of our WWII boots custom made copies, patterned from original examples, which we contract directly with the factory. The colors, leather types, soles and hardware are all correctly recreated.

    Our new generation of boots are manufactured in America, by a military contractor. The quality is superb, and there is nothing better available. Goodyear has re-trademarked their
    WWII "Wingfoot" soles and heels, and made them for us under license.

    For Boot repair (US and German) we use Cinderella Shoe repair in Louisville, Ky. The best way to reach Pete is via email: Pete Howard

    US Army Shoe Fit Guide

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