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US Kit Bag, w/ Parachute Harness Straps
US Kit Bag, w/ Parachute Harness Straps

: $99.99


Product Description
Made in USA Correct WWII stencil Holds lots of junk... Heavy herringbone parachute harness webbing
Talon zippers Reinforced seams Straps wrap all the way around the bag Inside pockets

While re-organizing the warehouse, I had an epiphany while going through the webbing- and this is it. Our "new" take on the WWII Aviator's Kit Bag. The bag is the same, but we have used heavier herringbone weave parachute harness webbing for the handles instead of the Type IIB material. Could this have happened in WWII? Yes. Have I seen an original? No. Yet it's entirely possible that riggers or a tailor could have repaired or replaced the straps on a kit bag with this webbing.

The Aviator's kit bag is perhaps the handiest of all WWII era carry bags- the design is still in used today, practically unchanged aside from the color and the fabrics. Ours are made in the correct WWII olive drab shade no.3, from #8 100% cotton canvas. The top is closed with two genuine Talon brand, solid brass zippers with leather pulls. The small flap that secures the zippers locks down with zinc plated durable snaps from the Scovil Company. Our bags are made by the gals in our workshop in Columbia, Kentucky. The outer dimensions of the kit bag are 20 x 17 x 13.

Designed to hold a parachute and the entire harness, they can hold A LOT of stuff.