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US Insignia

All of our insignia is WWII pattern- the designs of rank chevrons and many unit patches changed in the 1950's. Also, cloth insignia made after the War was made on a different type of embroidery machine which altered the edge of the patch. All of our reproductions are copied from original WWII examples and have the correct weave, colors and designs. We have a few original patches- they are clearly labeled as "original". Otherwise, all items are reproductions.

  • Divisional Patches

    Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

    All the patches pictured on this page are reproductions. They may vary slightly from those in the photos as we use two different manufacturers, but they will be the correct size and color for W.W.II. All have "raw edges". Historical Reference: Combat Chronicles of US Army Divisions in WWII is a good website for basic divisional histories. They also have lists of the sub-units (regiments and support battalions) assigned to each division.

    Sewing Tips: Unit patches actually had no prescribed regulation position when sewn to the upper sleeve, but usually they were placed 1/2"-1" under the shoulder seam. The wearer's current unit was sewn to the left sleeve, while any previous unit might be placed on the right sleeve. Shoulder patches were seen on all troops in the Normandy invasion, but as the war progressed, it was more common to see no divisional patches (especially on field jackets).

  • Rayon Chevrons

    Rayon Chevrons

    Khaki-olive stripes on dark blue background. These were supposedly intended for field jackets and shirts, but they are found on all styles of WWII clothing and are the most common style of chevron encountered on original uniforms.

    Worn midway between the shoulder and the elbow.
    All rayon chevrons are reproductions.
  • Cap Patches

    Cap Patches

    The airborne and glider troops wore identifying patches on their garrison caps (not HBT caps, etc). At the beginning of the War, they had their own separate patterns, each of which was color coded for infantry (blue) or artillery (red). Later in the War, a more practical combined airborne/ glider troop cap patch was issued to simplify matters.
    Enlisted personnel wore the patch on the left front of the caps while offciers wore theirs on the right.
  • Wool Chevrons

    Wool Chevrons
    Olive stripes on dark blue background. These were supposedly intended for use on the Service Coats and Ike Jackets, but they are found on all styles of original WWII uniforms. They are more subdued in color than the rayon type.
    They are worn midway between the shoulder and the elbow.
    All wool chevrons are reproduction except PFC.
  • Officer Rank

    Metal insignia priced and sold individually (except Colonel)

    Cloth rank is still sold in pairs only (as pictured).
  • Khaki Chevrons

    Khaki Chevrons

    These stripes were made for the Summer Service Uniforms (AKA "Khakis"). However, they are sometimes found on other original uniforms, namely M41 Field Jackets and M1942 Paratrooper Jackets.
    Worn midway between the elbow and shoulder on both sleeves.
    All khaki chevrons are reproductions.
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