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All of our insignia is WWII pattern- the designs of rank chevrons and many unit patches changed in the 1950's. Also, cloth insignia made after the War was made on a different type of embroidery machine which altered the edge of the patch. All of our reproductions are copied from original WWII examples and have the correct weave, colors and designs. We have a few original patches- they are clearly labeled as "original". Otherwise, all items are reproductions.

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29th Division 29th Division
Price: $9.99
Ranger Lozenge Ranger Lozenge
Price: $9.99
Medic Brassard Medic Brassard
Price: $14.99
3rd Division 3rd Division
Price: $9.99
Flag Brassard Flag Brassard
Price: $14.99
Armored Forces Armored Forces
Price: $9.99
Sergeant (Khaki) Sergeant (Khaki)
Price: $11.99
99th Division 99th Division
Price: $9.99
34th Division 34th Division
Price: $9.99
Captain Rank Captain Rank
Price: $5.99
Major Rank Major Rank
Price: $5.99