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M1 Carbine Ammunition Pouch
M1 Carbine Ammunition Pouch

: $24.99


Product Description
Made in USA, with Scovil
Marked "Kirkman Mfg." Compared to originals Yes, the color is like WWII
To use on the stock, slide
empty pouch over the front
of the carbine...
Insert 15rd magazines
after pouch is in
Ready for bear.

Exact copy of the M-1 Carbine magazine pouch. Holds two 15 round magazines for the M-1 carbine. These were designed to be carried on the trouser or pistol belt- the snap is to secure it on the latter. Soldiers figured out that the channel provided for the belt was just large enough to allow the pouch to be carried on the butt of the weapon- but it was not designed for this.

Color: These are the same color as the WWII originals made in 1942-43 which is US Government olive drab no.3. When this color fades some, it lightens and appears to be more tan or "khaki".

How does it fit on a Carbine? This was not specifically designed to fit on the stock- soldiers simply figured out that it could be done. To install it on the stock, unsnap the sling at the barrel band, slide the pouch over the barrel and down to the buttstock. (If they were large enough to go from the butt end, they would fall off.)

The snap will scratch my stock! Not really. Original pouches have had said snap (it's to secure the pouch on the pistol belt) since 1943 and there's no major problem with it. If this is still a worry, we now make a specific "buttstock" pouch without the stock destroying stud.

1. Remove the magazine from the weapon, and be sure it is unloaded.
2. Detach the sling from the front swivel. (The rear may remain attached.)
3. Slide the empty pouch, over the barrel and down over the receiver to the butt end of the stock.
4. Re-attach the sling to the front swivel.
5. Now magazines may be inserted into the pouch.

Made in USA.
size 4 1/2 x 5 (same as originals)