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Navy Dungaree Trousers
WWII Navy Dungarees

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Product Description
WWII pattern, full
seat and thigh
Button fly Patch pockets No side seams
WWII labels Comparison with the
Same buttons &

Pockets correctly
cut and positioned

Reproduction WWII US Navy "Dungaree" Trousers. As with all our products, these were patterned directly from original examples- but those ended up being one of the most difficult WWII items to find. Complicating matters was a near total lack of reference material on them. After nearly a year of scrounging and inquiring with numerous collectors I located three pairs of mint condition, Wartime coded trousers.

Our trousers are the most sought after variation- the legs are made from one piece of fabric, which eliminates the seam on the outside of the leg. Some sources claim this helped them hold air better if removed and used as an improvised flotation device- others say this was a manufacturing short cut. These trousers feature a button fly, 4 patch pockets, rear darts, and full cut, very similar to modern "relaxed fit" jeans or BDU/ ACU trousers. The legs do not flare- that was done by private tailors who would narrow the thighs and taper the lower legs for that 1940's stylish sailor look. The waist is about 1" higher than most modern jeans, the butt relatively form fitting, and the legs are large and roomy.

The denim used by the Navy differed from that used by the Army. When new it is not as stiff as cardboard nor as soft as sandpaper. It is more akin to pre-washed denim in feel. We found a denim that duplicated the weight, feel and color almost exactly. We matched the thread, buttons, pocket shape, and pattern exactly. The one change was the label- the originals were on the outside of the waistband and were torn off by the sailor once issued. We placed our inside so it doesn't need to be ripped out.

Originals: As with the chambray shirts, of three original dungaree trousers we found, no two are identical. Navy uniforms are proving the least consistent of all the services- even the oft maligned Marine Corps equipment. Although the cut is consistent through the seat, thighs and rise, the details vary notably. The angle of the top of the front pockets is steeper on some than others, the pocket bottoms can be rounded or pointed, seams can be serged or interlocked, and the shade of blue varies from almost purple to a dark blue with a lot of black in it. All of the unissued Navy denim I have is very soft and comfortable to wear right "off the shelf" in contrast to he stiff-as-a-board Army denims.

Sizing: Our trouser waist sizes run 2-3 inches larger the marked size, just like nearly all other modern pants (they lie about how thin you are.) Levi's, Docker's, J. Crew, LL Bean, 5.11's, etc are the same way.

So, what size do I wear?

1. If one wears a "size 34" in Gap jeans, Docker's, etc, etc, then our size 34 will work.
2. However, suit pants, some work pants and original WWII trousers do NOT lie. If one wears a 34 in originals, or their waist tape measures 34 inches, then they can wear our 32.
Shrinkage warning: Like all cotton pants (or shirts) the inseam will shrink when washed. Our inseams are accurate, 34" when new. Final shrinkage is 1.5-2 inches on the inseams. Do not hem them until after they have been washed!


Inseams are 34".

Care: We recommend cold wash/ hang dry.