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JQMD Cartridge Belt
JQMD Cartridge Belt

: $49.99


Product Description
Pockets correctly sized Same color as actual
WWII belts- which was
not beige

Reproduction of the M1923 Cartridge Belt which was the standard issue combat belt for soldiers and Marines equipped with M-1 Garand or Springfield rifles during WWII. These are made from cotton, o.d. no. 3 (khaki) webbing, each pocket closes with a press fastener.

We realize that many people struggle to afford our USA made belts, so we have been working with one of our overseas contractors to develop a good quality belt that doesn't fall apart the first time one tried to open a snap or fasten the buckle. The new line of belts is decent- they're the best of the "made over there" belts.

Size: These will extend enough to fit a 40" waist. Larger waistlines will require an extender.