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Huberd's Shoe Grease, 7.5oz can
Huberd's Shoe Grease, 7.5oz can

: $12.99


Product Description
This is equivalent to the "dubbing" issued by the US military during WWII. Huberd's has been making leather care products in Oregon since 1921.Shoe grease is a beeswax formula that penetrates the leather and helps soften and preserve it while enhancing water repellency. One can will treat about 2 pairs of boots (the initial treatment eats up alot more grease than subsequent ones.)
Can is 3" tall x 2 7/8" diameter

Sno-Seal or Huberd's? Both products have their fans, and the end result is nearly identical.

Huberd's: Similar to toothpast in consistency, it works in to the leather more easily, and doesn't alter the appearance as much.

Sno-seal: A thick paste, best worked in with a toothbrush when it and the boots are warm (set them in the sun or use a hairdryer, not an oven!).

The US military recommended the following procedure for care of leather footwear: (Remember, this is for full time, active duty soldiers and Marines who wore their boots daily.)

1. Wash shoes or boots with soap and water, but never use hot water or soak them. Instead, use a damp cloth or sponge with white soap to remove dirt and mud. Then wipe them dry.

2. If the boots are wet (inside & out) stuff them with newspaper and allow to dry. Do not place them next to a heater, fire or in the hot sun to dry.

3. To make your shoes softer and more waterproof, apply a little dubbing every week- more often in wet weather or snow. Frequent light coatings are better than heavy coatings. Use of dubbing is more important than a fancy shine.

Dents: Occasionally the can will have a ding or dent in it. So long as the lid is still sealed we do not consider this a "defect" since all of the product is intact.

Made in USA