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JQMD Haversack
JQMD Haversack

: $559.99


Product Description

Summer 2022: Due to enormous price hikes in webbing, hardware, tariffs, freight charges there is currently no hope to find equivalent replacements for these packs at this price. As of now, this same pack would cost over $100 retail. For the future, we are unsure of whether we will ever be able to offer "cheap" Haversacks again (of good-excellent quality).

New reproduction of the WWII M1928 US Army Haversack. This was the standard issue backpack worn by the American infantrymen until the end of the War. A carryover from the M1910 Haversack of the First World War, these packs essentially designed be closed around the soldier's gear rather than having the items placed inside, making them very cumbersome and inconvenient to use. (Therefore they make a terrible book bag or "everyday carry" pack.)

The JQMD line is our new, imported line of reproduction US gear which we developed as an alternative to our more expensive, mostly American made articles. The quality is still far superior to most of the other reproductions on the market- the canvas and webbing are the correct type and sizes, the hardware isn't paper thin tin, and our colors are the same as actual WWII issue gear- not beige, white or yam orange.