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.38 Shoulder Holster
.38 Shoulder Holster

: $39.99


Product Description

Reproduction of the WWII issue leather shoulder holster for the .38 revolver. This holster was standard issue for aircraft and tank crews and was often used by officers who preferred it to the hip holster. In combat areas, all sorts of troops found ways to "acquire" handguns and the regulations as to who was and wasn't permitted to carry them was rarely enforced.

Break in: Leather holsters are like leather shoes- they take a little time to break in. When new, the holster should fit the pistol snugly as it will loosen slightly with time and use. The only products you should use on any new leather holster is Neetsfoot or mink oil. There are numerous hair-brained "break-in recipes" online written by raving lunatics involving detergents, solvents, washing machines and so forth. Don't do it!

Fit: Made for both the Colt and S&W .38 Special revolvers.