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JQMD M1 Carbine Pouch
JQMD M1 Carbine Pouch

: $9.99

Product Description
On the stock.
Made from OD3 canvas
and webbing
Snap is centered as many
people request.
Imported reproduction of the ammunition pouch used with M1 Carbines. We have developed a less expensive line of products as an alternative to our USA made products- we have called this gear "JQMD".

These pouches are correctly made from cotton webbing and lift-the-dot style closure. The color is the same as that on authentic WWII US Army gear- olive drab shade number 3. Enthusiasts commonly call it "khaki" but in reality, is an olive tan. There is a snap on the rear of the pouch used to secure the pouch to the pistol belt.

Pouch holds two 15rd M1 Carbine magazines. Larger capacity magazines will NOT fit.