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JQMD M1 Carbine Sling
JQMD M1 Carbine Sling

: $9.99


Product Description
Imported reproduction of the olive drab no. 3 slings issued with M1 Carbines in 1943. These are from our JQMD line, which we have developed as a lower cost alternative to our USA made gear.

Note: Olive drab no. 3 is the authentic WWII color for most US gear. Although it is usually referred to as "khaki", the actual color on original equipment is an olive tan- not beige as many neophyte enthusiasts mistakenly assume.

*Oiler not included.

*Rip off! No, once we offered our other slings with or without oilers, it rapidly became apparent that most carbine owners already had one (or more) of the little suckers and this keeps the price down- which is the primary thing here.