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Kirkman M1907 Rifle Sling, Natural
M1907 Sling, Made in USA

: $99.99


Product Description

Unissued original sling for
WWII Milsco sling, still
in its wrapper. Collector's
refer to this as "in the
pink" due to the light
color when new.
Original (L), ATF (R) Fitted to M1 Garand.
New, American made reproduction WWII pattern M1907 pattern leather slings for M1903 and M-1 Rifles. This product is a reproduction of the slings made during WWII- meaning they have steel rather than brass hardware like those made in WWI. These slings are made by us, in our shop in Columbia, Ky.

We start with the finest 8 oz. cowhide available, strap cut it to 1.25", crease the straps, punch the holes with gang dies, and sew them with custom made 100% linen thread from Delaware. The leather is thick yet supple and the color is the correct light tan of an unissued original. All hardware is exact reproduction, even the rivets.

Color: Yes, most original slings one encounters are dark, dark brown. When brand new, they were light tan, almost white. Authentic WWI or WWII slings that are in unused condition are referred to as being "in the pink" by collectors. Like ours, originals were made with permeable leather in natural tan. This readily absorbs oil and darkens rapidly. Sunlight, dirt, sweat, rain and powder residue also contribute to the color change.

Care: The US Army Field Manual 23-5 recommends the slings be treated with neatsfoot oil- and we agree. There's no need for "rejuvenators", restoration creams, or other magical leather lotions. Just use plain old neatsfoot or mink oil.

This will fit any weapon with 1.25" sling retaining loops. Short strap is 24'' and long strap is 48''.

Made in USA
Marked "Kirkman 1942".

Installation Instructions
Here's a link to our blog article copied from the Infantry Journal's pamphlet,
"How to Shoot the US Army Rifle" which explains how to use the sling for better marksmanship.
Pass hook on the short strap
through rear sling loop.
(On some rifles
this may need to be removed via
the bottom screw in the butt.)
Attach rear hook to long strap. Pass end of long strap
through front sling swivel.
Pass end through the
upper keeper.
Attach upper hook to long strap. All done.