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US M37 Wool Shirt
US M37 Wool Shirt


: $89.99

US M37 Wool Shirt Size*:

Product Description

Standard issue shirt worn by all troops in the Army and Air Corps personnel throughout the War. Made from "mustard" color wool flannel. This the is the standard M37 Model, with a structured collar, full placket and no gas flap. These are correct for any Wartime impression and look better with neck ties than the gas flap model.

These are produced for ATF. These are not offered by any other company. Our shirts are sized correctly and they fit properly.

Fabric: Our shirts are a 70/30 wool/ poly blend. (Originals were 80/20 wool rayon.)

Color: WWII shirts were made in "olive drab no. 33". However, with over 70 million made, the actual shade varies quite a bit, so there is no one correct color. The color of our shirts is historically accurate.

Matching colors: Shirts are made from a different fabric than the wool trousers, service coats and garrison caps. They do not match perfectly in color- and neither did those worn in the real WWII.

These are sized like dress shirts by neck and sleeve measurement. Like the originals, the bodies are roomy and can easily be tailored to fit the individual by tapering the sides. If you have never bought a dress shirt, it's simple: using a tape measure, measure the circumference of your neck just above the base. Then, extend your arm and measure from the center of your neck to the end of your wrist to get your sleeve length. Should this prove to be too difficult, then go to any department store (Macy's, Bacon's, Dillard's, JC Penny, etc, etc) and ask someone to measure you for a dress shirt. "M", "L", "42R" or "Big" won't allow us to fill your order.

(If we made these in USA the price would double.)

Warning! Dry Clean Only!