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JQMD Jump Trousers
JQMD Jump Trousers

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JQMD Jump Trousers

Reinforced knees and pocket

Rear detail.

Button fly
Reproduction of the trousers issued during WWII to US Army paratroopers up until the late Summer of 1944. This pattern of trousers was worn from early 1942 through the D-day landings 2 1/2 years later. Shortly before the invasion of Normandy, a large number of jackets and trousers had their knees, elbows and pocket gussets reinforced with canvas by the divisional riggers in order to make them last longer in the field.

These reproductions feature reinforced cargo pockets & knees, leg ties, button fly, expandable pockets, and buttons to attach suspenders. The fabric is 8 oz. 100% cotton twill, dyed the WWII OD No. 3 shade. Assembly was done using the correct types of seams, including the double needle chain stitch where applicable.

Hand wash cold/ hang dry is recommended. To use a machine, it's best to flip the garment inside out to prevent damage to the snaps and the unholy racket of the clanging against the sides of the drum.