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D-Day Infantryman Package
WWII D day Infantryman Package

Base Price $399.99

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Product Description
Basic D-Day infantryman impression. This gives you all you need to hit the beach in one shot. The only difference between this and the regular infantryman is the addition of the M7 Assault Gas Mask Bag and unit patch.

Note: Also correct for Glider Infantry troopers- from the 82nd and 101st.

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Base Price Includes:
M-1 Helmet, Reproduction
Summer M41 Field Jacket
HBT Jacket or Flannel Shirt
HBT Trouser
JQMD Cartridge Belt
JQMD First Aid Pouch
JQMD Canteen Cover
M7 Assault gas Mask Bag
Gas Brassard
Unit Patch

Haversacks, canteens, leggings etc available at extra cost.

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